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Why Content Is Still King

70% of people would rather get information about a company or learn something from an article or blog post rather than from a traditional advertisement” DemandMetric 2021

Content is King – because Google says so.

Quite literally, in their own words “Creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any other factors” – Google’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Starter Guide. Not a bad read, but not as light on the jargon.

That might seem like a lot, but to quote their own words again “Google’s mission is to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful

It should be starting to make sense now, right? Especially when you focus on the “accessible” and “useful”. Google sees your content as information – and that information needs to be – you guessed it – accessible and useful.

Why Content Is Still King

How Google Uses Content to Decide #1

If you’re here looking for SEO help, you’ve probably already read everything you’ll ever need to know about keywords. 

There’s no escaping  it though – keywords are crucially important when increasing your Google presence and form a core part in how Google analyses and selects their search results. If your keyword(s) are the answer to a user’s question – that’s a great start.

Imagine that those keywords are accompanied by reviews, descriptions, pictures, location maps and many more useful snippets (because as we know, Google’s all about being useful).

That’s rich content; and it’s the stuff Google likes because it’s giving additional value while still answering the original query.

It’s not unusual to find rich content answers in the #1 position.

Keywords get you in the game – rich content makes you harder to beat.

And we play the game as much as anyone else. This whole page is riddled with keywords that we’re using to increase our presence on Google. Let us know if you can figure out what they are…

How Google Uses Content to Decide #1

Why Us?

Results First Approach to Content
Results First Approach to Content

Tangible, measurable results delivered every time

Fully Bespoke Content Strategy
Fully Bespoke Content Strategy

A custom campaign, designed entirely around your goals

Dedicated Account Manager
Dedicated Account Manager

Reach the person in the know, when you need them

All Encompassing, Flexible SEO
All Encompassing, Flexible SEO

Content, technical, links, conversion, strategy and much more

No Awards, Grandeur or BS
No Awards, Grandeur or BS

We don’t pay for awards and we let our results speak for themselves

Straight Talking Integrity
Straight Talking Integrity

Get the facts without the fluff

What Makes Good Content?

You know by now, that content is crucial as a marketing and SEO performance strategy. Blogs are a great tool for creating regular, relevant, engaging SEO content.

Even better are keyword optimised blogs. That doesn’t mean writing a blog and casually littering keywords throughout, though. Google is a lot smarter than that these days, and getting smarter all the time.

It means having blogs that are useful, and informative, relevant and trustworthy. And they absolutely should contain keywords.

When you’re writing a blog – remember to write for your human audience first – you want people to be engaged, informed and want to share your information.

Whilst not the sexiest part of SEO, this is part and parcel of the Novus service, something that typically forms a core part of any new campaign.

It’s not all about blogs. You’ll also do yourself a massive favour by having relevant, keyword rich, technically optimised and informative landing pages on your website too.

We’re getting into jargon – this piece you’re reading, that’s a landing page. A page created with the goal of you landing on it, reading what we’ve written and (hopefully) turning into a lead. 

Creating great landing pages for SEO isn’t easy. Creating great landing pages for conversion isn’t easy. Doing both is an art. 

We’ll do that for you – we just need a bit of guidance from you on what makes you great.

Nobody knows your business better than you, but we’ll get close. Do what you do best and tell us about your business.

We need to understand not just your business, but your goals, so that we can turn your landing pages into beautiful SEO optimised works of art that convert in the way you want!

Pro tip: We’ll also make sure your content strategy isn’t cannibalistic (not as gory as it sounds. Promise).

Think the Ronseal Solution – those who know will need no further introduction. For those that don’t, behold one of our most admired pieces of marketing.

Nothing to do with fences or garden sheds – but:

“It does exactly what it says on the tin.”

Are your pages scannable?

Do you give the visitor escape routes?

Does the user experience flow logically?

Is there anywhere visitors get bogged down on your site?

We’ll analyse and optimise all this for you. Your website, not your patchy old fence, for the record.

Hitting the Right Notes?
Want to Find Out More?

Types Of SEO

Selling nationally? Then you need SEO optimised national content (all the stuff up there ) but without local or geographical anchors. 

You’re going up against everyone else in your space, across the whole country, so you’d better come prepared.

Never fear – national projects are our bread and butter, and we have a whole host of success stories, working in industries from law firms to eco efficient heat pumps.

It might feel tough to attract customers over a wide area, and it can be. That’s why you need a strong strategy, put together by people that take the time to get to know you and your business.

The good news is – you also have more people to speak to. We’ll help you put together a strong authoritative content strategy that will get you seen by more people.

We’ll do it until it works.

Your success is our only goal.

Sell mainly online? We’ve got you covered with rich content here too.

And let’s nip this in the bud, we’re not planning on plastering pages of content across your lovingly crafted website, stuffed full of content that your users have to wade through.

We’re talking relevant, optimised and (most importantly) unobtrusive content.

Do your customers buy on a desktop, or on a mobile? If you don’t know, we’ll help you figure that out (and much more besides). It’s important because your content needs to look and feel different, depending.

The buyer journey will be different too. And that content also can’t interfere with the overall user experience – whilst still answering the customers query (remember useful and accessible from earlier?).

Lastly – it needs to do and be ALL of those things, whilst also ticking the “attractive to Google” box. 

It’s an art that’s always evolving, but we’re leading the way, every day.

But guys. I don’t sell all over the world, or the country. I sell to my local area

Great – (no fence references, we promise). We love local campaigns. 

You need all the same SEO skills, but with a local twist. Relevance at a local level is incredibly important.

Think about the humble bread roll. Depending where you are in the country its either a:

  • Barm
  • Bap
  • Batch
  • Cob
  • Roll

(It’s a roll, by the way…)

If you promote locally, that’s the level we operate at. Laser focussed SEO for your business. In your area.

Rich SEO content, with a local twist.

Novus – Creating Content That Google Loves

Well done for getting here – there’s plenty to consider when thinking about your SEO content strategy:
Will my visitors love it, when they find me? Do I show authority and trustworthiness? Is my content valuable?

And accessible? And useful?

Don’t worry about it (unless you really want to do all that yourself). Not only do we love all of that stuff – we’re also really good at it.

Concentrate on your business and let us take care of creating beautiful SEO optimised content that both your customers and Google will love.

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