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Not Just Another SEO Agency

It’s no secret that SEO agencies are ten a penny, with new “award winning experts” springing up every few weeks. But how many can truly hold their own when it comes to cold, hard results? 

All those Google accreditations, pay-to-win award ceremonies and buzzwords aren’t driving revenue into your business. 

And when we talk results, we’re not talking keyword rankings – we’re talking sales, enquiries, leads and revenue generated.

Not Just Another SEO Agency

Your Business Needs SEO – Your SEO Company

Did you know, 60% of marketers rate SEO as their top priority digital marketing channel.

Our core philosophy at Novus is that if you’re not growing, we’re not doing our job. It’s that simple.

We can talk about SEO keyword rankings, sales funnels, algorithms and alt tags until the cows come home, but as a busy Northampton based business, do you really care? 

At Novus it’s all about your business. No delusions of grandeur here, we’re good at what we do and if we can grow your business, we won’t stop until you’re where you need to be.

Your Business Needs SEO - Your SEO Company

Why Us?

Results First Approach to SEO
Results First Approach to SEO

Tangible, measurable results delivered every time

Fully Bespoke SEO Strategy
Fully Bespoke SEO Strategy

A custom campaign, designed entirely around your goals

Dedicated Account Manager
Dedicated Account Manager

Reach the person in the know, when you need them

All Encompassing, Flexible SEO
All Encompassing, Flexible SEO

Content, technical, links, conversion, strategy and much more

No Awards, Grandeur or BS
No Awards, Grandeur or BS

We don’t pay for awards and we let our results speak for themselves

Straight Talking Integrity
Straight Talking Integrity

Get the facts without the fluff

Hitting the Right Notes?
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More About Our SEO Services

Is your website currently performing at the level you need it to?

Maybe you’ve taken it as far as you can or your current SEO agency just isn’t hitting the right notes?

Are you paying an agency extortionate rates for something that isn’t viable for you?

We deliver the full package.

Are you worried your site isn’t technically rock solid? We’ve got you covered.

You need SEO optimised, keyword researched, informative, persuasive copy that works for Google and your customers? Look no further.

You’ve heard people talk about backlinks and understand it’s important to your search engine success? Don’t sweat it, we’ll handle it and you don’t even need to know (unless you want to, of course). We’ve been building backlinks since before it was cool.

Do you have traffic coming to your site, but it’s not converting into an enquiry, lead or sale? Let’s turn that around.

You need all this brought together in an overarching SEO strategy? Our bread and butter.

A Novus SEO project covers all the above and much more. Everything we’ve talked about, for one price, delivered with clearly defined goals and expectations with someone at the end of the phone whenever you need them.

SEO is always evolving and your SEO agency should be too.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t tried and tested tactics to SEO your website and keep it performing and growing.

Founded by an SEO dinosaur, at Novus we’ve seen the competition within the digital arena continue to ramp up over the years, with ever greater barriers to entry.

That’s why our processes focus on delivering quick wins whilst developing a rock solid foundation for long term success. 

You’re not going to see overnight results, you’re not going to dominate search engines in the next week but you are going to see consistent, commercially minded growth.

Ensuring we’re delivering the maximum results as quickly as possible is crucial.

Ensuring we can maintain and develop those results over the long term is the essential core of our ethos.

It’s no secret that as a local business working in a local area, if you’re not established online, you’re behind the curve. 

Make no mistake, SEO is a competitive sport, and we’re dedicated to ensuring your website is positioned where it needs to be.

Whether you’re a local quad biking activity venue, Northampton based kitchen fitter or an IT support professional services provider – we have fully scalable, bespoke campaigns to generate you the enquiries you need.

As a Northampton based business servicing the whole of the UK, you’ve likely heard it all before. 

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint and good things take time. But that’s not to say that you can’t see improvements and growth along the way.

We’ll work with you to set manageable goals over the course of your project to ensure we’re keeping up with what we’ve promised.

Whether you’re an international retailer, dominating your space offline, but in need of some much needed digital support, or an established ecommerce store looking to take your operation to the next level – at Novus, our tried and tested SEO can take your business to the next level. 

What is SEO?

We’re going to let you in on a secret. 

We’ve built this page for SEO.

And even though it’s not 2011 anymore, the more relevant, authoritative and unique content you create for your website, the better it will perform in search. Usually. 

Humour us, therefore, on the following content. 

We know you know why we’re doing it. 

We know you’re not going to read it anyway.

But if you do… we hope you’ll take something useful away…

SEO is constantly evolving and as a Northampton business, it’s important that you never rest on your laurels.

Search engine marketing isn’t a new concept and we’re not here to paddle in the shallow end, starting off with the usual “SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation”.

SEO means improving your website’s authority in the eyes of Google, increasing your visibility in search to generate more clicks and win more business.

Mixing art and science, creativity and data, we maximise your gains.

SEO is a full team sport, requiring dozens of different skillsets covering link generation, content creation, technical performance enhancement, conversion optimisation, user experience mapping and strategy development. 

To keep things simple, we just refer to everything above as “SEO”. 

You’ll want to do your homework though.

There’s plenty of agencies out there that don’t consider that one service – and you’re going to end up paying the price, either financially or in terms of lost growth potential, if you don’t figure that out early on. 

The simplest way is gut feeling. In your heart of hearts, you know whether SEO is performing because you can see it and you can feel it on your bottom line.

That’s not the same as saying you’ve had a quiet month or in your down season. It’s about looking at your strategy as a whole, over time and spotting the trends.

If your website is growing year on year, things are probably going well.

If you’re seeing month on month drops and all you’re hearing back is “the algorithms”, then chances are, it’s time for a change.

If you want good SEO, done right, then you might want to speak to Novus. And, if we’re not the right agency for you – then no hard feelings, we’ll part ways as friends and happily guide you in the right direction.

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