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Hassle free monthly revenue with White Label SEO by Novus Digital. Your brand, our SEO. A White Label SEO solution that works how you want it to.

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White Label SEO

Your White Label SEO Partner

Fully Integrated
Fully Integrated

Totally confidential, a point of contact when you need them and sales support from enquiry to close.

Commercial Viability
Commercial Viability

Our price, your margin. A campaign that works for you, the client and us. In that order.


Monthly reports, catch up calls for you and the client and a point of contact. All under your brand.

Bespoke Proposal
Bespoke Proposal

A strategy custom created for your client. A results based campaign based on their needs.


Fussy client? No problem. Only need us to build links? Done. SEO how you need it.

Zero Stress SEO
Zero Stress SEO

An SEO offering that works for you and your clients. Zero stress solutions, tailored for you.

Your Own Account Manager

We fit into the process where you need us to. Whether working behind the scenes alongside your team or managing the client head on, we’re fully flexible. We set expectations at every stage of the project with regards to strategy, timescales and expected results. No hidden surprises and always someone on hand to speak to, when you need them.

Your Own Account Manager

The SEO Solution You Can Trust

There’s plenty of companies out there that talk a good game about SEO, but can’t deliver. With proven results across dozens of industries, from one man bands to corporates, we have the solution you need. We live and breathe SEO, allowing you to sit back, relax and focus on what you’re good at. Diversify your revenue stream, without the headache. Let us do what we do best.

The SEO Solution You Can Trust

Focus on Growing Your Business

Focus on what you do best and let the SEO manage itself. With SEO taken care of, you can take the reins and focus on your own business, with an exciting new revenue stream opened up for you to offer your clients.

Focus on Growing Your Business

Real Stories from
Real Customers

Get inspired by these stories.

Novus have been very professional and extremely helpful in setting up and looking after our SEO and website. Alex is very knowledgeable and since working with him we have gained a lot more interest in our business.

Paul Shewry

In a few months Novus took our website from nowhere to 2-4 new enquiries a day. Alex and the team’s service and communication have been excellent, can't wait to see where we go next.

Karl Walter

We've worked with a number of SEO agencies and there's an energy with Novus I haven't experienced elsewhere. It's so refreshing to talk about what matters to us, rather than arbitrary metrics.

Arron Potts

White Label SEO FAQs

White Label SEO is search engine optimisation services conducted by an agency (us) under another brand (you). It allows companies like yours to sell a service they you may not have the time, expertise or resources to do in house.

At Novus Digital, we’ll even beyond that, working with you to sell the SEO, whether that’s working alongside you, or managing the whole process. We also provide ongoing account management, reporting, research and, obviously, do the SEO. All under your brand.

We’re the elves to your shoemaker, working behind the scenes to get the job done. If this sounds a bit underhand, don’t worry, your clients will be over the moon with our results.

Novus Digital’s White Label SEO means everyone wins.

In principal, SEO reselling is simply another way of saying “white label SEO”. All the principles are the same. You attract the clients, we do the SEO and everything that encompasses.

Of course! Secretly, we prefer referrals, because it allows us to take all the credit!

We offer a very healthy, recurring referral bonus for any clients sent our way. Speak to us today to find out more.

Yes, yes and yes.

As an agency, we have decades of collective SEO experience across every niche you can imagine, from the mainstream to the very obscure. Most SEO principles are similar regardless of industry however, so if you do have a curve ball for us, we always like a challenge.

As an agency, we’ve structured ourselves in such a way that we always have capacity for new clients, so matter how great the project. Whatever you need, we can handle it.

Finally, we wouldn’t be much of an SEO agency if we didn’t have the skills necessary to achieve our campaigns. From content to canonicals, from development to digital PR – we’ve got you covered.

We’re confident that we can provide SEO gains, at almost any budget. However, if you’re looking for “off the shelf” SEO packages, Novus Digital probably aren’t the partner for you. All our campaigns are crafted bespoke based on a client’s needs, expectations and the competitiveness of their market.

With so much collective SEO experience, our SEO strategies blend art and science to deliver maximum results. This keeps us highly competitive on price whilst also offering tangible benefits. Naturally, we’re constantly learning and evolving to keep us at the top of our game.

Whether we’re joining part way through a project or are there from the start, we’ll ensure your client receives the best SEO experience for their budget.

Ultimately, this one really isn’t any of our business, you do you.

However, to keep a balance between a client’s budget and deliverables, we recommend a margin of 20-30%.

That’s revenue straight in your pocket.

All our invoices are payable within 30 days as standard.

All our prices are excluding VAT, unless otherwise stated.

All our campaigns run on a 6 or 12 month contract, with 60 days notice thereafter.

Contracts and invoices are exchanged from Novus Digital to you on the first day of the campaign.

Let’s say a client is running late on payment. Remember the flexibility we talked about? We need 50% of payment on time, regardless. The other 50%, we’ll expect when your client pays, or within 120 days. The way we see it, we’re all in this together.

Due to our tried and tested SEO strategies, it’s rare that anything does go wrong.

In the unlikely event it does, then we do what we need to to make it right. It’s that simple.

Whether the client has started fresh or we’re joining an existing project, we can be involved in everything, from initial pitch, sales process, onboarding to initial setup and delivery.

We’ll conduct all the keyword research, competitor analysis, search volumes and put together the strategy.

We’re as involved as you need us to be, whatever stage of the project we’re joining at.

For a sample, please see below, however, not every item will be relevant or necessary for every campaign.

  • Branded monthly report with ranking and traffic analysis and commentary
  • Monthly report review with client
  • Representation for day to day issues
  • Monthly blog creation
  • Landing page creation and optimisation
  • Link building and auditing
  • Creation and maintenance of citations
  • Google My Business creation, optimisation and maintenance
  • Internal link strategy
  • Schema optimisation
  • SEO content creation
  • Technical SEO optimisation
  • Website performance optimisation
  • Digital PR

We don’t.

We’d advise running a mile from any SEO agency that does.

We can guarantee that our SEO has been shown time and time again to deliver results clients love.

You will, however, have all the data, analytics, research and force of will behind us to ensure that we make every effort to make the campaign work.

We’re currently batting at a 100% campaign success rate, so the odds are certainly in your favour.

We make it our mission to go above and beyond.

Not only do we offer highly competitive and exceptional white label SEO results, but our flexibility means you receive the service you need, when you need it.

Our fully white label solution allows us to deliver a comprehensive SEO strategy to your client, acting as a part of your team.

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