White Label SEO For Agencies

– Fully White Label SEO Under Your Brand

– Dedicated Account Manager to Represent Your Agency

– Fully Bespoke Campaigns

– Support From Pitch to Confirmation

– Market Leading Results and Flexible Approach

– Total Confidentiality

– Referral Options Available


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The client is over the moon and the results speak for themselves. Client is looking to double their budget after only 6 months, we couldn’t be happier with Novus’ performance. Handing over client communication is a win win for everyone.

Harry Robinson

Introduction to White Label SEO

As a marketing, web design, development or PR agency, you’ve likely had a client ask about their Google performance at some point. You might even offer SEO as a service in-house.

The 2010’s are gone, and SEO is far more than throwing some keywords on a page and waiting for the leads to roll in. That’s why we’ve developed our White Label SEO Reseller solution, for agencies just like yours.

If SEO isn’t your core service (or, even if it is) why worry about algorithm updates, traffic, conversion, rankings, links, content and alt tags? Novus’ tried and tested, fully white label offering is here to take the headache for you.

White Label SEO Frequently Asked Questions

What is White Label SEO for Agencies?

Put simply, White Label SEO is a mix of two concepts – white labelling and SEO.  We’ll assume you know what SEO is at this point – but white labelling is where a company sells their product unbranded, for the buyer to sell to their company, with a little margin on top for them.

When it comes to Novus Digital’s service, we do one better. We don’t just sell you the product and leave it at that, we’ll help you to sell it to your customer. And provide ongoing support and communication. All under your brand.

Think of us as the elves to your shoemaker, where your clients think you’re doing all the hard work. Oh, and don’t worry about any of this being underhand, your clients’ will be over the moon with our results.

Becoming an SEO Reseller through Novus Digital means that everyone wins.

Do You Have the Capacity for X New Clients?

The short answer is YES!

Using our carefully established networks, we always maintain excess capacity to accommodate new clients. 

Of course, if a particularly large client or a number of clients come on board, we have processes in place to cope with volume without compromising on our exceptional level of service and results driven service.

Those elves behind the scenes might be feeling the pressure behind the scenes for a week or two, but rest assured neither you, nor your clients, will.

How Much Does White Label SEO Cost and What Are My Margins?

If you’re looking for an off the assembly line SEO package, Novus probably aren’t the partner for you. Every SEO campaign is created bespoke based on the clients’ needs, expectations and the competition in the market.

With years of collective experience, we’ve streamlined our SEO processes. This means that we’re not only amongst the most competitive in terms of pricing, you’ll also get tangible results for your budget. We won’t push anything unless we’re 100% confident it will deliver results. 

Whether we’re being brought into an existing project, or from the offset, we’ll ensure your client gets the most out of their SEO. Assuming the client is coming on fresh, we’ll be involved in the sales process and based on competitor analysis, keyword research, search volumes and budget, we’ll put together a white label proposal with Novus’ costs attached. From there, you add your margin and we sell the proposal. 

To ensure the balance between investment, work undertaken and payoff, we typically recommend you add a margin of 15-30%. With our hands off approach, this is all revenue for your agency, without you lifting a finger.

What Do My Clients Get From Your White Label SEO Partnership?

On top of everything else, your clients get a bespoke SEO strategy tailor-made for them. Our team of SEO experts are on top of every algorithm change, every ranking change and act accordingly.  We keep your clients ahead of their competition.

We push hard to make sure your clients reach the top of search engines and we push harder to make sure they stay there.

Here’s a brief overview of what an SEO campaign will involve:

    • Branded Monthly Report with Ranking and Traffic Analysis
    • Monthly Phone Report Review With Client
    • Representation For Day to Day Issues
    • Monthly Blog Creation
    • Landing Page Creation and Optimisation
    • Link Auditing
    • Create and Maintain Citations
    • Google My Business Creation, Optimisation and Maintenance
    • Internal Link Strategy
    • Schema Optimisation
    • SEO-optimised Content Creation
    • Technical SEO Optimisation
    • Website Performance Optimisation

…and much much more!

If you already have the skills in house, we can work flexibly, bolstering the skills you lack, depending on the campaign’s requirements. 

What Do I Get From Your White Label SEO Partnership?

Whilst your client receives industry leading SEO, they’re not the only ones who benefit from our white label approach. We pride ourselves on having developed a system that works well for you, your client and us.

Here’s a list of the features and benefits that you receive as a White Label Partner of Novus Digital:

  • Ongoing Representation to Your Client Under Your Brand
  • Final Sign Off on Client Reports
  • Full SEO Sales Support – From Start to Finish
  • Set Your Own Margins
  • Dedicated Account Manager Including:
    • Dedicated Phone Number
    • Your Brand’s Email Address

We’re committed to ensuring our white label partnerships operate as smoothly as possible for everyone. By managing client relationships on your behalf, we guarantee that your clients are always speaking to someone who knows what’s going on. Not only that, it takes the responsibility off you. 

If you have a requirement we haven’t thought of, why not let us know? 

What Makes Novus Digital's White Label SEO Stand Out?

Well for starters we go above and beyond what’s expected. 

Not only do we offer competitive and exceptional SEO Reseller results, but we also deal with any client queries, with a direct line through to our HQ. All under your brand. 

Whereas most white label companies will provide the results and have done with it (and don’t get me wrong, we deliver the results), we can represent you at meetings, sales pitches, report delivery and any questions or queries that come up.  

Rather than simply bombarding you with meaningless data every month for you to cobble together a report, you’ll receive a comprehensive report of what we’ve been doing. Even better, we can brand this up and deliver it to your client for you. We can have as much or as little involvement as you need us to. 

In short, White Label SEO is SEO Reselling under another guise. We know what works for clients, we know what it’ll take to get them the results they need and we know what to charge. This means that we’re in the best position to understand any queries, which is why our white label account management works so well. Of course, if you prefer to centralise everything, we can work with that too.

Our white label account management is a small part of what makes Novus unique. Although we work with clients with vastly different expectations, budgets and goals, our focus is always on raw results. With branded reports delivered straight to your clients alongside a monthly phone catch up from us, you can rest assured your campaign is being managed efficiently and effectively.

Make the introduction and we’ll handle the rest.

Can You Guarantee Results For My Client?

We can’t.

And you should run a mile from any SEO agency that does.

Our SEO has been tried and tested across hundreds of campaigns, but we can never guarantee SEO will bring results. However, you’ll have all the data, analytics, research and force of will behind us to ensure that we make every effort to make the campaign work.

We’re currently batting at a 100% success rate, so the odds are certainly in your favour.

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Who Can Benefit From Our White Label SEO Packages?

  • Full Service Digital Agencies
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Web Development Agencies
  • Web Design Agencies
  • Design Agencies
  • PR Agencies
  • Social Media Agencies
  • Software Developers
  • SEO Agencies
  • Solo Salesman With the Gift of the Gab and No Other Skills
  • Your Clients

What better way to add a source of repeat monthly revenue to your business, than by white labelling SEO through Novus. 

Your clients’ receive the service and results they need, with none of the effort on your part.  What’s more, you can present yourself as a company that offers related services all under one roof! 

This saves your clients the trouble of finding someone else for the job they need to get done.

Why White Labelling Your SEO is Perfect For Your Agency

There are so many reasons and benefits that your company should consider when looking at SEO partners. At Novus Digital, we’ve compiled a list of reasons that’ll convince you why white label SEO reseller program is perfect for you.

Full Account Management Integration

We look after the accounts for you. Or, if your client already has an account manager, we fit right into your process wherever you need us, behind the scenes or leading from the front. We’ll guide your team and / or the client in terms of expectation management, results and where the campaign is going.

Another Source of Revenue

Look, let’s face it, there’s a lot of agencies out there who talk a good game about SEO, but can’t deliver. They’re mostly experts in general or paid marketing, development, PR etc. At Novus, we live and breathe SEO. Sit back, relax, focus on what you’re good at and we’ll take care of the rest. We’re not about to tell you how to do your job, and vice versa.

More Time to Focus on Your Business

Now that the SEO side of the business is taken care of, you can focus on what you’re good at! You can concentrate on sales, development and the other services that are more in line with your area of expertise.

More Cost Effective

To offer SEO yourself you’re going to need:

    • Software
    • Equipment
    • Staff (and we’ll be charitable and assume they know what they’re doing)
    • Office Space
    • Budget
    • Patience
    • Or, you can let us take care of all that for you. You may even make more margin.

Save Time, Money and Stress

Let us take care of all the technical jargon and the content. Why worry about building your own 5 Star SEO offering, when ours is already here, on the market, ready and waiting, hot out the oven for you? If you were starting a designer clothing brand would you start by buying and staffing a factory? Or would you buy unbranded stock, stick your logo on and pass it on? 

Last but not least, there’s another fantastic takeaway of the white labelling arrangement. 

All the SEO work that we do for you remains absolutely confidential at all times (a classic elf move if we say so…wink wink). What this means is that it all appears as though you’re providing the service in-house. 

    SEO for Agencies – What Do You Offer?

    Quality is the crux of a robust SEO strategy and this shines through everything we do.

    At Novus Digital, we pride ourselves on communication, working closely with our clients and your clients to ensure quality work that leads to quality results. 

    Our key focus areas include:

    Fully Integrated, White Label

    • Totally confidential.
    • Dedicated account manager under your brand
    • Dedicated phone number and email
    • Sales support – from initial meeting to close

    Commercial Viability

    • Does this campaign work for you? (Yes)
    • Does it work for us? (Yes!)
    • Does it work for your client? (YES!)

    Bespoke Proposal

    • No prepackaged, production line campaigns here
    • Campaign created for your client based on needs, expectations and goals


    • Your client can only be contacted on Tuesday’s? Done.
    • Want some content written for your own website? Got it.
    • Need us for a client meeting in Timbuktu? If you’re covering expenses, we’re there.


    • Monthly branded reports delivered to your client
    • Monthly client catch up calls
    • You’re in full control, you get briefed before we do anything
    • Everyone on the same page 

    Anything We’ve Missed? Let Us Know!

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    We’ve worked with a couple of agencies now which was painful. Novus just get it. If you’re sick of listening to salespeople talk BS, Novus will be a complete breath of fresh air. 

    Andy Wade

    Expand Your Portfolio of Services With White Label SEO

    As a digital, marketing or PR agency, adding a Novus SEO reseller package to your arsenal ensures you have all the skills you need for your clients. Working with an external partner means that you can focus on what you do best.

    By working with an external partner who handles all the client communication, you can rest easy knowing that results and expectations are all being handled.

    As a web developer with a portfolio of existing customers, you’ll find that offering SEO is an easy way to create recurring revenue to your clients. With so many rogue SEO agencies out there, your customers will have faith that you’re offering the best service for them, without the need to expand your existing team or overheads.  

    To many clients, web development goes hand in hand with SEO, and it may be a service you already claim to offer, so it’s a no brainer addition to your services.

    With clients who already have a solid relationship and trust, the battle is already half won – it won’t take much to add an additional service to grow your recurring revenue.  

    Rather than worry about training teams and delivering results, Novus’ in house team of SEO experts will be working on optimising your clients’ websites, ensuring you look as good as possible to your clients. With a fully hands on approach, you can rest easy knowing the whole process is being managed by Novus. 

    SEO Reseller Referrals

    If you have clients or contacts who would benefit from our white label SEO packages, and you are not too sure about selling this to them on your own, drop us a line and we will take it ahead for you. Under our SEO Reseller Program, you can earn money for introducing us to successful referrals!

    Our referrals program just like our philosophy of ‘No Fluff and No Jargon’ is simple and to the point. Moreover, for as long as the referred client stays with us, we will continue paying a commission on a residual basis.

    If you see yourself benefitting from this potential opportunity, get in touch with us so we can iron out the details and get to work.

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    Why Work With Novus Digital?

    Every agency says the same things – but with Novus Digital, you really feel the difference. You feel it when your client isn’t harassing you with mundane questions. . When we say you’re gaining an extension to your team – we live and breathe that. With our team on hand to your customers, you can rest assured their SEO needs are being met. 

    We live and breathe no fluff, no BS, no jargon SEO. 

    Before working with Novus Digital, we want you . 

    What we do have is a highly strategic and result-oriented way of working which is guaranteed to produce excellent results in the long run.

    The stark transparency in the way we work keeps us accountable and committed to you, enabling us to address any queries you may have.

    So, if you need a robust white label SEO strategy to win your clients over, give us a call on 0330 122 4882

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