5 Ways to Make Your Content More Engaging for 2022

It’s the most overused phrase in marketing, but it still stands true.

Content is King 

It might seem like fluff but content, and the strategy behind it is having a tangible impact on the bottom lines of businesses all over the world. From global powerhouses to one man or woman bands, it affects us all.

Tell us if this sounds familiar – as a company, you put a lot of work into creating a piece of content. You optimise it for search engines and your company’s marketing strategy and finally publish it with great flourish. 

You’re positive that the comments will come pouring in, not to mention you’re giddy at all the potential shares you are definitely going to get. In almost no time, you’re going to be flush with traffic and promising leads that’ll surely make you rich!

Popularity is inevitable. 

But wait a minute, you’ve managed to get just a handful of likes. Maybe buying advertising will work. So you spend money on purchasing thousands of clicks. There’s a bit of a stir but nothing concrete comes your way. 

Maybe one piece of content just wasn’t enough you think out loud. So now you focus all your energy into building more content and over time, you have quite the pile stacked on your blog. 

Unfortunately, the engagement is more or less as bleak as it was the first time around.  

You then wonder how you got here, what went wrong? 

Does content marketing even work or is it just a hoax?

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Creating Engaging Content

Almost anyone can create content and post it online for the world to see. But producing content with no plan and direction is futile and ineffective. 

What are the objectives of your content marketing strategy?. Think about what you want your audience to do when they come across your content. 

Whatever the answer is, it all boils down to your content being engaging. 

The more your audience engages with your content, the more traffic, leads and eventually conversions you’ll receive.

Now, the question is, how do you measure content engagement? 

Any clicks, likes, comments, mentions, sales and opt-ins you receive is engagement. You can use any of these metrics to be on top of your content engagement strategy.

As mentioned earlier, the technical basics have to be robust so that you have a strong foundation to build on. 

But how do you do that?

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Here’s Our Top  5 Ways to Make Your Content More Engaging!

1. Be Authentic 

It’s near impossible to be 100% unique and original today. If you have a good idea, chances are there are people out there who’re already talking about it and are probably leaps and bounds ahead of you. 

But guess what? That’s okay. 

Competition online is cutthroat which makes producing engaging content much more difficult than it used to be. The idea here is to stand out. 

And the only way to stand out is to be authentic in your approach while creating pieces that are original. Even if it is based on ideas that have been covered a bazillion times. 

Even if you cover a topic that’s been covered exhaustively but add your own unique spin to it, it’s a whole new thing! Sharing personal experiences are a big winner here because everyone has a different experience. 

Your content should be such that it has ‘you’ written all over it. 

The content you produce should characterise your personality because doing so will earn you a loyal following. 

Don’t get us wrong, this isn’t going to be a walk in the park because a lot of effort and brainstorming will be required. But if increased engagement is what you want, you’ll get it by being one of a kind.

2. Know Your Audience

When you know and understand your audience, you can produce content that’ll drive them to your page. We get so tied up in optimising our content for search engines and for our business that we forget that it has to be audience-centric. 

The main issue here is that you’re presenting your advertising and sales under the pretext of content marketing. Because you’ve put your needs ahead of your audience’s, it’s hardly surprising that they do not care about what you create. They’ve got more pressing matters to attend to instead of wasting time on your coveted sales collateral. 

This is why you’ve got to create content that prioritises your target audience so that they get valuable and helpful information out of what you’ve got to say.

If you’re not sure where your audience is, or how to engage them, we can help. Get in touch today.

3. Make Your Audience Think

Having your own unique voice is one thing but being able to create an interesting train of thought is a skill that you should master. 

If your reader can relate to your content, they’re going to leave comments, share their opinions and reach out to you. They do this because you’ve touched upon their pain points which is the whole point of content engagement. 

Could you use your content to induce thought-provoking scenarios in your reader’s mind by asking questions with no definitive answers? 

Painting a picture using abstract examples also works well. While doing so, ensure that you stay relevant in order to grab the attention of your audience. Staying abreast with current events, and using pop culture references work like magic with content engagement. 

Having such a strategy will spark discussions in the comment section of your content which will keep people coming back. The bottom line is, all the buzz is good for business especially when engagement metrics and web traffic is at stake. 

Remember, every visit increases the probability of a conversion.

4. Add More Visuals and Then Some More

Everybody likes a good picture and marketers understand why visual elements are integral to a piece of contents success. 

A collection of good images evenly placed across your content not only improves overall readability but also improves the aesthetic appeal of your webpage. 

On the other hand, people will almost always choose an infographic over a wall over text. This is why the phrase ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ should not be taken lightly. Additionally, well-designed infographics get more links and shares when compared to other types of content.

With infographics and images, less is more! Adopting a minimalist approach with just 3-5 elements will be more than enough. Readers tend to retain information better in image form which is another reason for you to incorporate infographics in your content marketing strategy. What’s more, you can attract traffic from Google Image search as well. 

While investing in SEO is important, it might be worth looking into images, as they are far easier to rank and will yield faster results.

Another visual element that’ll work wonders for your engagement is videos. There are several ideas that you can use to produce videos that are informative. For starters, you can dabble with:

  • Product Demonstrations
  • Discussions
  • ‘How-To’ Videos
  • Interviews

Incorporate videos in your posts, your website, social media platforms and email newsletters. You won’t regret it.

5. Perfect Your Headlines and Intros

Your content needs to be clicked to be consumed. This is where a catchy headline is crucial to reel your reader in. 

You need to really focus on crafting titles that are clickable and appealing. Your headline is the face of your content as it’s the first thing people see on your website, social media platforms and on search results. 

How many golden pieces of content have you overlooked because the title didn’t engage you?. Headlines have to be intriguing which brings us to the next step – introductions. Reeling your audience in is simply not enough. You want to increase engagement, you’ve got to keep your readers hooked. 

Research suggests that almost 55% of audiences spend barely 15 seconds on an article. 

This means they’re simply skimming through the piece, deciding whether it’s worth the read and in over half of cases, deciding it isn’t.

If you can hook your audience right off the bat, their chance of remaining interested throughout the post will increase substantially. 

Of course, all elements of your post like the call-to-action and your headline should be working in perfect harmony to achieve your goal of increased engagement. 

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The Bottom Line Is…

Creating content that’s engaging is a bit difficult. Especially with such heavy competition. This is what makes it one of the most challenging aspects of marketing. 

But with some effort and time, you’ll be able to figure out what works best for your niche. 

We recommend that you use a mix of all five strategies mentioned above to keep your posts fresh. With our tips, you have the potential to change the face of your marketing strategy.

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