What To Expect Working With Novus Digital

Before Starting Your Campaign

First Steps

You’re ready to take your business online, and conquer Google and the other search engines through digital marketing.

You’re ready to take the leap.

But what happens next?

It all starts with a conversation. Over the phone or email.

Every relationship, every project begins with a discussion.

What’s your business?

What’s your expectation?

What do you want to achieve? 

During our first conversation we’ll begin piecing together an idea about what value we can deliver for you.

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SEO Consultation

After our initial conversation, we’ll want to meet face to face.

Before meeting, we’ll have undertaken some research about your industry and existing digital presence. We’ll have audited your website and done our best to uncover any quick wins in a potential campaign.

The initial meeting is all about putting faces to names, drilling into the detail of your business and laying the foundation for what we can achieve together.

We’ll fully uncover whether we are right option for your business and whether we’re a good fit for one another. 

The Proposal

Once we know what makes you tick and where you’re looking to go, we’ll want to put together our proposal – what we intend to do to achieve your goals.

We’ll put it all together in a succinct proposal document, detailing what we’re going to achieve, how long it’ll take and what we need from you to make it a reality.

Ideally, let’s talk through this face to face, as we mould the shape of your SEO project.

You’ll have the time you need to review our offer, and assuming you want to go ahead, we’ll arrange a start date.

Real Stories
from Real Customers

Get inspired by these stories.

Novus have been very professional and extremely helpful in setting up and looking after our SEO and website. Alex is very knowledgeable and since working with him we have gained a lot more interest in our business.

Paul Shewry

In a few months Novus took our website from nowhere to 2-4 new enquiries a day. Alex and the team’s service and communication have been excellent, can't wait to see where we go next.

Karl Walter

We've worked with a number of SEO agencies and there's an energy with Novus I haven't experienced elsewhere. It's so refreshing to talk about what matters to us, rather than arbitrary metrics.

Arron Potts

Starting Your Project

On Page Optimisation

You wouldn’t build a home without a foundation.

Similarly, we’d struggle to build on your online presence without a solid base to work from.

Search engines, particularly Google, have a stringent set of technical criteria that they use to consider if a website is SEO and user friendly. 

Before even starting your campaign we’ll have already collated all the tweaks and niggles that Google will have identified with your website.

We won’t bore you with the details.

We’ll simply have it sorted for you.  

Content Optimisation

Once your website is running like a well oiled machine, we’ll perform a complete investigation into the written content on the site.

Search engines are particular about what they want to see and unless you’ve worked with an SEO before, it’s likely there’ll be minor tweaks and changes to make.

Don’t worry, we’ll consult you before making any changes.

After refining what’s already there, it’s time to look at additional content. 

This will come in the form of both expanding existing web pages and developing new ones, to ensure we’re capturing the terms your customers are searching for.

The Future

Your SEO Campaign

There’s no way to dress it up, what we do takes time.

Google’s trust metrics ensure that newcomers don’t jump straight to the top for their searches.

Whilst you’ll start to feel what we’re doing sooner, typically the really good stuff won’t start until 3-6 months down the road.

This will have allowed you to build up enough trust in your brand.

After that, the only way is up, and we’ll be working with you to keep growing and expanding your campaign.

Conversion Optimisation

It’s one thing making sure people are coming to your website. That’s half the battle most agencies focus on.

What most neglect is making sure that once they arrive, your visitors become customers. 

As well as years of experience in the field, what separates average conversion from great conversion is organisation, patience and testing.

We’ll put together a conversion plan that fits your goals and works to turn more of your site visitors into enquiries. 

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